yoga mat sole

All of our shoes include a yoga mat insole for cushioning. Comfort is essential to our vision. We believe that in order to look good you have to feel good. This is why we strive to design beautiful shoes, that are comfortable. Walking with our sandals literally recreate that feeling of walking on a yoga mat.

timeless beauty

We believe a woman’s relationship with shoes is unique. She needs to have a certain feeling when she sees them, when she tries them on. She needs to, essentially, fall in love with them. This feeling inspires us to create a shoe she wears on her journey.

We don’t follow trends, we are inspired by our travels, by yoga, and by you!

something new

Whether you are traveling and need a chic yet comfortable shoe to tour your destination, or shopping with friends, we have got you covered. Dressed up or down, there is a Nalho espadrille that will complement your outfit.

something unique

Nalho is not just a name, it is not simply a shoe, it is a culture. A brand with a distinct personality—that expresses happiness. We are always seeking beauty and comfort through our designs. Always with the focus on a great feeling, great looking product, so you can ‘shoes happiness’.

yoga mat